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Roller shutters are pretty much maintenance-free, all you really need to do is keep them clean and functioning well. Cleaning roller shutters requires the least effort if you follow proper maintenance and care for them.

The following steps will pretty much cover any type of security shutter on the market. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your roller shutters in excellent working condition:

  • Remove any dust, debris or organic matter from the tracks and bottom bar. If you don’t clear them, they could stop the shutters from locking.
  • Never allow dirt, leaves or twigs to build up on the shutter profile.
  • Wipe down the shutters’ surfaces with a damp cloth once a week or as often as necessary.
  • Every three months, wash the surface with water, mild solution and soft brush to get rid of the elements (dirt, salt and other materials that might block the locking mechanism). But avoid spraying water into the box and mechanism area.
  • Always ensure that shutters are firmly down before locking.
  • Once in a while, check for any kids’ toys, wasp and bird nests, and other foreign objects and get rid of them immediately.

Roller shutters from many manufacturers often require grease or lubrication once or twice a year. Meantime, some shutters are made with self-lubricating bearings, so it is unnecessary to apply oil on them. It is best to check the product manual for specific requirements.

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